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About Kerri Eaton

Kerri has worked in the legal field since 2006. She started out in Tarrant County where she worked for a small family law firm for ten years. Once the attorney retired, Kerri began to work for an attorney who specialized in high litigation cases.

Weatherford is Kerri’s hometown and she wanted to work locally. In February 2018, Kerri was brought on board at Cannon Law Firm.

Kerri has a passion for helping others. Whether it is dealing with a divorce, child custody issues or if you have found yourself in some legal trouble, Kerri is compassionate to each situation and will do everything she can to help make your situation less stressful.

About Chad Cannon

Chad has been practicing law since 1998. As a graduate from Baylor University and Texas A&M School of Law, Chad has utilized his strong educational background to help foster his legal career and business. He started his own law firm immediately following law school and then worked as an associate attorney for a brief time with a commercial litigation firm in Dallas, Texas.

In 2006, Chad returned to private practice in Mineral Wells, Texas where he worked alongside the current District Attorney in Palo Pinto County, Michael Burns. Since that time, Chad has prided himself on achieving success both as an attorney and in

Chad handles a vast array of cases and works tirelessly to insure his clients have superior representation so that they achieve their legal goals.

Whether you want to protect your assets for future generations, need assistance with guardianship or administering an estate, or have an issue probating a will, there is no greater comfort than knowing your interests are protected by a highly specialized estate planning lawyer with the Cannon Law Firm.

Types of cases:
- Probate & Drafting of Wills
- Power of Attorney
- Estate Litigation
- Heirship Affidavits

Civil litigation matters can range from business disputes to personal injury cases. Cannon Law Firm has the experience required to stand up for your rights in all of these matters and more. We pride ourselves on providing personal care. Our lawyer will spend the time necessary to get to know you and your case. When we build a legal strategy, it is built specifically with your needs in mind. We are here for you.

Types of cases:
- Commercial/Corporate
- Oil & Gas
- Real Estate
- Breach of Contract
- Dissolution of Businesses/Partnerships
- Probate
- Personal Injury
- Family
- Debt Disputes
- Occupational Driver's License
- Expunction/Non-Disclosures

Criminal charges can drastically impact a person's life, especially if they retain an inadequate defense lawyer to handle their case. The experience itself can be taxing on a defendant's emotions and health due to the stress of the situation, and if they are convicted, the penalties could devastate their career, finances, and relationships. If you are in such a situation, do not take chances when hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Cannon Law Firm has the experience and aggression that you need in order to see your charges reduced or dismissed. 

When you have been accused of committing a crime, only a trial attorney can provide the representation that you need. Most lawyers will attempt to negotiate with the prosecutor to obtain a plea bargain instead of having to take your case to trial; at Cannon Law Firm, we know that a trial could be the best option in your defense and if it is, we will readily take your case before a judge and jury and fight for your freedom. Our firm has taken several cases to trial and has been successful and is prepared to do the same for you if necessary. We have a detailed understanding of your opponent's tactics and could strategically build your defense accordingly. There are numerous benefits of hiring an experienced trial lawyer, so consult with a member of our team today to discuss your legal rights and what we can do for you.

Types of cases:
- Felonies
- Misdemeanors
- Drug Offenses
- Homicide
- Theft
- Assaults
- Burglary
- Motions to Revoke/Adjudicate
- Probation Violations
- Sexual Offenses
- Occupational Driver's Licenses
- Expunction/Non-Disclosures

Cannon Law Firm has one mission, to help families navigate through important life-changing events. No matter what you’re struggling with, Cannon Law Firm is on your side, offering you our knowledge, our counsel and our support to achieve your desired goal.

Types of cases:
- Divorce
- Custody
- Visitation
- Child Support
- Spousal Maintenance
- Modification
- Enforcement
- Paternity / Father's Rights
- Mediation
- Grandparent's Rights
- Adoptions
- Termination

Accident or Injury? Call Us First!

At Cannon Law Firm, we understand the difficulties that can arise after being injured. We understand the struggle some victims may face in trying to recover compensation for their losses. In Texas, there are specific rules and regulations that can complicate insurance claims and the recovery of additional damages, such as pain and suffering, in cases of severe injury or death. To help ensure you receive full compensation for your losses, it is important to contact an attorney who is well-versed in Texas-specific laws regarding injury claims. At Cannon Law Firm, our personal injury attorney have a history of success handling cases throughout Texas and can help ensure your rights are protected. 

If you've been injured and are unsure of your next step, please fill out our case evaluation form. An attorney will review your claim, at no cost to you, to determine if our law firm may be able to help.

Types of cases:
- Motor Vehicle Accidents
- Truck Accidents
- Motorcycle Accidents
- Wrongful Death
- Construction Site Injuries